Friday, October 8, 2010

Cheap Cherry Mobile Phones, Less Than Php 1,000

I’ve written two posts about Cherry Mobile Phones such as Q7i and P1. While researching for this brand, I’ve noticed its increasing-popularity, well, mainly because of affordability.

So I decided to aid Filipinos who wants to be in touch whenever and wherever without saying never when confronted by a high price. Now, you can own Cherry Mobile Phones less than Php 1,000. Gone are the days when you have to buy used cellular phones for such price.

First stop, 1202i for Php 999; you’ll only have a peso coin for a change to your blue bill still you can have the basic requirements to stay connected and listen to your favorite radio station.

  • Single SIM
  •  Colored phone
  • FM radio
  • Flashlight
  • SMS and call
  • 16 Polyphonic ringtones
Still pricey? Well, here’s Cherry Mobile P1 which originally costs as much as 1202i when I wrote about it in May. Guess what, for only Php 899 you can own a truly-unique gadget; no other phone resembles P1 on the marker. The deduction of Php 100 though not that big, still it’s a good way of practicing frugality—wisely.

cheap and cute P1
  • Single SIM
  • GSM 900/1800 MHz
  •  SMS with Predictive
  • T9 input
  • Alarm clock
  • SIM tool kit

Same features with more budget-friendly cost. You can use P1 anywhere. Can you do this with your high-end cellular phones without provoking culprit to strike when you’re too busy?

Before I forget, you can have a closer look at these cheap gadgets in Cherry Mobile Concept Store/Kiosk and dealers nationwide. There’s nothing wrong with being cautious in spending, so take care of your phones pricey or not—you paid for it, right!

More Cherry Mobile Phones:

Q7i - QWERTY and TV phone
M30, T85, Q77 - QWERTY and TV phone
M33 - dual SIM and TV phone
D36 - dual SIM

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