Thursday, August 26, 2010

Asian Doctors Are in, Move Over Grey’s Anatomy

The Asian counterparts of Grey’s Anatomy offer blood-rising scenes and conflicts apart from characters roaming the Seattle Hospital. I wouldn’t entirely dismiss my appointments with Meredith Grey and the rest of the gang, but being Asian myself, I like to see how the actors from my neighboring country present medical drama. Koreanovela, a term coined for Korean drama shows has flooded the Philippine TV; love story is the typical topic attracting tons of viewers. As for myself, I want something different similar to my favorite Grey’s Anatomy, though George and Izzie weren’t part of the show anymore. And the following medical dramas are what I can prescribe, I mean recommend.

Surgeon Bong Dal-hee

Doctors aim to cure patients; wellness forms the doctor-patient relationship. When the patient achieve a clean bill of health they are sent home by the doctor; former and the latter are both celebrating the victory over defeated illness. But can a person be on the same condition? Bong Dal-hee (actress Lee Yo-won), a patient with a heart condition should recuperate in the comfort of her home; however, she just can’t leave the hospital where her dream is deeply-rooted—she wants to become a doctor, and not just a patient to be taken care of by one.

Can she keep living these two challenging lives? Doctor’s overall health must be in tip-top shape, but long hours of work often undermined their health. And Bong Dal-hee’s heart neither can’t afford the demanding schedule nor giving up the dream to save lives— even to the extent of losing her own. Amidst dong Lee battle for her life and dream, her ill heart found love and more reason to keep on beating.

In spite of missing the first few episodes the hearty story of Surgeon Bong Dong Dal-hee made me patronized the show till the end. Honestly, the medical terms flashed on the screen added on my interest to watch the show.

New Heart

For the most part, people consider hospital as a place where medication and care are the prime objective, but within its room there are conflicts rising in various circumstances. Lee Eun Sung (actor Ji Seong), an aspiring doctor witnesses the unhealthy aspect of a medical institution.
Lee Eun Sung grew up in an orphanage manage by nuns who together with the other orphans became his family in spite of lack of blood relation.

He took with him the overwhelming support of his only family when he went to his dreamed place-- Kwanghee University Hospital to become a heart surgeon. But will his determination suffice? This hospital is known for the state-of-the-art treatment and highly-skilled doctors who were all alumni of a prestigious medical school.

Being an outsider, Lee is always being reminded of how different and unwanted he is by doctors who doesn’t rest on their laurels, and tease him whenever they please. Nonetheless, he work hard all the more. His self-acceptance of being unique made him focus on his dream; he stands out in conditions his colleagues least expected and even in the heart of her fellow intern. While Surgeon Bong Dal-hee is uptight, New Heart shows the lighter side of the doctors; they, too, no matter how busy can enjoy life outside the hospitals, in simple ways (without scalpel, knife or other sharp tools that an ordinary person would tremble at the sight).

When you do have the time or your schedule is not in conflict with watching Grey’s Anatomy, why not try my recommendations. No blonde or the likes of Izzie is seen providing lifeline but I vouch you will not be disappointed if drama, romance, and tongue-twisting medical terms are what you’re looking for.

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