Monday, August 30, 2010

A Doggy Blog for Chuchie

Blackeyed Chuchie is at which I blog about Chuchie, a 3-month-old cute Aspin, and her adventures. It’s already up and running, but changes should be done gradually later. This coming October is my blogging anniversary and for Clumsy Fancy, my first web log. Time flies fast. I’ve been writing, sharing my thought, and receiving various reactions for almost a year. I’m having fun with this new hobby that I made another blog focusing on someone dear to me.

It has been an overdue project waiting to materialize. Much happened, but finally in the first week of August I conquered obstacles and published my first post for Blackeyed Chuchie. From then on, I’ve spent much time on Chuchie’s blog than mine writing, adding gadgets, and being challenge by photography. Capturing a photo is the hardest part, not because my digital camera is complicated, but I blame it on my subject who runs a lot, ignores my command, and yet wants a reward.

It is always a challenge for me to take a photo to somehow convince people that she’s adorable, huggable, and likeable. Will readers see from my perspective? Well, you can have a look and judge it yourself. Ok, just one last-ditch effort—if you could see her up close and personal, you might agree with me at some point. (I’m becoming persistent these days, but hopefully not a liar.) May you enjoy reading Chuchie’s ups and downs!

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