Thursday, September 2, 2010

ToneADay: Rating and Waiting, What’s Next?

Last night I logged in to my ToneADay account and was surprised that I can rate words again and not be greeted by a message saying , I’m under the qualification process and the admin will e-mail me as soon as my rated words have been evaluated, then I can keep rating again. I’m positive of passing the qualification; thus, I log in occasionally. No e-mail came but my positivity worked.

So What is ToneADay?

It is the first of its kind (I presumed); it is similar to GPT (get paid to) websites only that with your participation an organization gain as well. The process is simple—anyone can do it. You will rate the word based on your feelings, for example, you can rate “beauty” by moving the slide of different emotions like friendliness and anger then click submit. The worth of every word is $0.02 in the qualifying stage. I don’t know yet if the value will increase as you move to the next stage.

Back to Reality

Now that you have an idea and maybe now you’re clamoring “too good to be true,” I think so too, at some point. But read along before making a conclusion. I was able to rate again last night after joining then rating 95 words for an hour, two weeks ago. Others claimed that they did it for 30 minutes. From then on, I can’t rate words as I’m in the “qualifying process.”

Despite of long wait, I’m glad that I could rate again but disappointment (and suspicion) sneaked in me when I tried to redeem my $2.00 earnings; a message appeared saying I have to wait one week for evaluation. I guess everything I do need an assessment.

I’m excited to receive the supposed first payout but I’m more eager to donate a percentage of it to one of the organization supported by ToneADay. It is a requirement I wouldn’t question nor contradict.

If we can earn online, why can’t we share it via online.

I’m still hanging on the hope that the admin can improve and facilitate the process and evaluation, so as members can rate more words or meet the daily quota of 500 words per day.

Money isn’t the only magnet attracting people to join, but in my experience I’ve had fun rating words because I get to analyze my feelings and think at the same time instead of being preoccupied with mundane concerns. In a nutshell, ToneADay takes my mind off serious matters yet I know I’m still doing something worthwhile.

Hang on for the result because I'll continue updating and rating.

Update (September 27, 2010)

I did get to rate few words then I’m back to waiting again. The photo below is the message that appears when I clicked "manage earnings."

The “demographic” issue concerns me most. Based on my quest in making money on the Internet, Asians lose the opportunity to earn because of such matter. Nonetheless, I’ll keep on checking. I have a feeling the next update is final—maybe disappointing.

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Heather Ritchie said...

Hi there,

Great review, and thanks for taking the time to talk about ToneADay. We appreciate your support.

While the program has had a few hiccups in it's infancy, we do intend to continue to make changes in order to make sure wait times are decreased and quality contributions continue to be received.

Our biggest challenge remains ensuring our raters take their time and provide good, quality insights on the words we present as opposed to simply rushing through the process to accumulate earnings. Delays are often due to our need to analyze the data contributions thoroughly to identify outliers or abuse. (Or in some cases, a lack of understanding of the English language.)

Again, thank you for taking the time to pay attention to our program and our company. Your readers may also be interested in ToneCheck: An add-in we've recently launched which installs into Microsoft Outlook and helps the writer understand the tone of their message, and how the recipient may interpret it. They can check it out at

All our best,
Communications Manager, Lymbix Inc (the creators of ToneADay and ToneCheck)

Caerol said...

Thanks Heather Ritchie for dropping by and explaining to us what's going on in ToneADay. I was thinking of contacting the admin, yet you already answered my concerns and perhaps of other members as well right here in my blog. I'm looking forward to the newly-improved ToneADay!

Invest and Work at Home said...

I think you joined at the time when they were having some problems. You can submit a ticket and they reply promptly. I had problem before with them too but I immediately submitted a ticket and was solved in one day.

Caerol said...

@ Invest and Work at Home
I just sent an e-mail to Lymbix. Thanks for the advice. Now, I'll just have to wait--for something good. (I'm trying to be optimistic).

I'll definitely update this post once I receive a reply or if there's any changes.

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