Sunday, September 5, 2010

Something Smell “RATten”

For the longest time, I slept downstairs with my sister last night because of a bit extraordinary incident and health concern. We can’t bear the smell of a dead RAT—or a fat rat maybe. Because my olfactory is working well, I smell in the morning that something bad is filling in our room replacing the fresh air coming from the outside made by various plants near our house. As the day went on, the repulsive smell is becoming unbearable.

I knelt and looked under the bed, cabinet, and obscure places where the rat might have struggle and succumb to the fatal effect of poison. Wherever the rat is, it doesn’t seem want to be found. We suspect that he died in the ceiling. (Of all the places, why there?) The rat was avenging and winning. I miss our room and my bed already.

It’s up to the wind, to relieve us from our agony. This is the first repulsive post I’ve written so far and I’m not hoping for another one in the future. Let it be the last.

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