Friday, February 26, 2010

The Shining Moment

I’ve long to see the shining moment of our wooden floor especially in our room. Ever since I had the surgery, I need to recuperate by abandoning household chores altogether. By the grace of God, I am now able to do some chores excluding the polishing of our wooden floor. It was not my doing. I have to commission (seems apt word for the service, however simple, requiring a fee) my young cousin to do the less-than-15-minutes polishing using dried coconut husk. Applying the waterproof wax was my sole participation in restoring the pride of our old floor which had to endure months of lackluster moments.

I know it’s a trivial matter to some, but not for me; since I have a liking for wood because of its qualities: enticing grains, indisputable durability, and classic appeal. Polished wooden floor makes any room attractive as it showcase its varying grains, facilitate cleaning, and helps one become healthy by doing the leg-toning footwork. Polishing is an exercise one can do without leaving home.

I did not only miss my shiny floor but also my favorite exercise making sweats trickle down my skin while I burned calories and fats. I think clarification is required before I proceed. I don’t need to lose weight, since I’m an ectomorph but I do want a healthy body—an aspiration everybody aims for.

Next month or later than that, I hope I could do the same favor for our wooden floor; otherwise I will have to ask my cousin possibly asking or proposing for a higher compensation than before. This possibility reminds me of how he smiled at me when he received the fair pay for the job well done. I’d love to see his smile again, perhaps a wider one, if he did render another shining moment and receive a higher pay.

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