Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Feast of Sto.Niño: Calling the Child in Us

The Feast of Sto.Niño is celebrated on the third Sunday of January each year throughout Philippines. Procession is a common sight on the streets, typically replete with vehicles; but during the Feast of Sto.Niño, vehicles give way for the procession. Eagerly waiting for Sto.Niños clad in colorful and ornate dresses, spectators line up on the curb.

The pictures I’ve taken would best describe this momentous event.

Viva Sto.Niños





Furry Spectators

Our neighbor’s dog

Teddy my cousin's dog (left), and Chuckie our dog (right) were also present.

Unexpected Participations

I’m not related to them in any way. Once they saw me taking pictures, they strike a pose; their lack of photophobophobia left me no choice but to press the camera’s shutter. Thanks for the energy-filled poses that could only go as far as on my blog—not on a magazine cover or on a towering billboard.

Do you notice something or someone? Hold on tight!

That’s just it.

The procession lasted for almost one hour,  but the essence of the Feast of Sto.Niño must remain in us always: Sto.Niño reminds us of Jesus, as a child, possessing innocence, honesty, and dependency to God, the qualities we should instill in ourselves and we should never outgrow.

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