Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review Stream New Rate in 2011

I occasionally visit the website of Review Stream to check if the regular rate (payment) for a review increases. It did change, from $2.50 to $1.50; a disappointing one dollar decrease is a great deal for those who love writing reviews.

I only found out a few days ago. I logged in so as to know more details since I didn’t receive a notification via e-mail. On February 25, the change take effect as the result of Google page rank update on January; according to the admin the reviews were not deem valuable that the change of rate is necessary. If there’s anything I like about the new rule, that is, the payout also decreased: it is now $30 from $50, a huge difference that somehow can encourage reviewers old or new to keep on writing for the site.

Before the cutback, I’m halfway the old payout. I was hoping that I am qualified for the new payout since if I submit reviews in succeeding days I’ll be paid with the new rates ($1.50 for regular and $0.10 for bulk rate). But I was wrong—new rates are for all while old payout is applicable for those who have written reviews prior to the discouraging change; I still have to write more articles. Don't you think it’s so unfair?

I earnestly wish the current rate would be the demarcation line—no more crossing the limit because there are other sites which one can do more and become fairly rewarded with every exerted hard work.

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Anonymous said...

That's just sad.
You see, I hate that site pretty badly.
You wanna know why, it's like they're saying human intelligence is worth 1.50 dollars.

Caerol said...

Many have been said about Review Stream: some are pleasant, others are bitter.

But I think it is noteworthy that RS has helped writers and those who love writing reviews in many ways.

Reviewers get to share their opinion and experience of a certain product; as a result, many consumers learn to make a wise choice.

And at the same time, reviewers earn from their passion. Sadly, I agree that the compensation is way too low for the effort of the members.

But the current rate, no matter how little appears in other country, is still has huge value in some countries on which dollar has immense exchange rate.

Having said the good and the bad, I still want to reiterate "proper compensation" for all.

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