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Jeepney in the Philippines is Evolving: Hop in for a Ride

The ever-busy Makati CBD (Central Business District) was my destination a week ago. The trip is anything but ordinary. In what way? The jeepney in the Philippines is the most common means of getting to your destination; it is suitably also known as the “King of the Road.” After stepping out of the LRT, I have no idea that I’m about to have a first encounter with the innovative jeepneys in a single day.

No Sweat at All: Air-conditioned Jeepney

All of the vehicles passing by were full till I came across a familiar vehicle, which I thought at first; but once inside I figured it’s way cooler than I thought--an air-conditioned jeepney. It has the look of a typical “King of the Road” and the size of smaller version of a bus.

Inside, the formation of sits is similar to a bus, as well as the door controlled by the driver. Most beneficial for the elderly, the design do not requires people to bend in going inside. During the trip I am at ease in many reasons: my skin pores didn’t produce sweat at all, my eyes feast on the view, and my nose breathes the air lacking pollution. How comfy, health-wise trip it has been. But I dare not say this for those who stood at the middle holding the bar for support; well, there consolation is that they can get off easily unlike in the bus and they don’t have to hang at the doorway/threshold (for the guys) unlike in jeepneys.

A word of advice for the passengers: don’t be too comfortable that you'll pass your destination and before you get off don’t forget to pay 10 peso coins, still it’s a cheap jeepney fare since 7 pesos is the regular fee. Just put it this way, the meager difference is like giving up only 3 sweet candies for a cool, smoke-free ride.

Electric Jeepney, the Ally of the Environment and Frugal Commuters

The reason of my trip for that day was over and I’m almost going out of Legaspi Village, Makati City when I noticed the ejeep station sign which I probably disregarded earlier when I passed by. The meaning of the sign was revealed instantly. Walking a few steps away from the sign, I saw another innovation of the “King of the Road” stopping at the mark. I turned to look so as to examine clearly my new discovery.

Imagine the cart use in a golf course, make it a bit larger, that’s how big ejeep is. Although I saw it up close I’m still baffled and curious. Fortunately my eye caught the website, instead of being distracted by the vibrant color, the common quality of transportation in the Philippines. Every time I see http:// I have the urge to memorize anything that follows such Internet abbreviation. Through the site, I found more information.

Ejeep is powered by electricity eliminating the use of gas and diesel, the culprit in producing pollution: gas and noise. In fact, if I daydreamed that moment its presence is bound to be unnoticed; I neither hear a sound while ejeep is moving nor stopping.

You can prove it yourself. If the company your working for is located in Makati CBD—chances are—you can ride in ejeep for free. Just hop in, enjoy the ride, and let “mamang tsuper” do his job that can earn him a monthly salary. Isn’t it a happy trip for frugal commuters and well-compensated driver? Actually, we are all winners because ejeeps address the issue that concern us all—global warming.

I hope there will be more ejeep across the country not necessarily giving a free ride. A cheap jeepney fare of 7 pesos or more is nothing compare to the immense benefits for us and to our Mother Earth.

The trip that day is unusual and educational. Because almost all jeepneys in the Philippines use gas and diesel, and have no air conditioner, not every day will I have the rare chance to experience a jeepney-filled trip.

Someday, maybe, we can put together these two innovations of jeepney to improve the transportation in the Philippines and well-being of Filipinos. We’ll have a fresh air to breath while traveling with the “King of the Road” adorned with colorful decorations, and maybe—just maybe—enjoy a cool trip underneath the sun.

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