Friday, February 11, 2011

SM Mall Sale, BlackBerry, and Stars Encounter

Looking back five days ago, that is on February 6, I spent with gladness—and without—guilt all because of SM North Mall 3-day sale. Almost every store, as seen by my inquiring eyes, has items on sale. My sister and I were lucky to catch the last day of the event. Right time at the right place. Among the shopping malls in Manila, Philippines, my favorite is the one at the North Edsa because of accessibility and huge improvement of the mall.

Supposed to be, Cyberzone was the first destination; instead, we found ourselves wandering in the department store where rebates are everywhere. I don’t like Mathematics including the percentage, but in times like this, I adore those percent signs beside numbers—the higher the better. My sister purchased kitchen utensils that I carefully chose (or drastically insisted): soap dish, tablecloth, mini tongs, braising supports (the cheapest—only Php 20.00), towel for our five dogs. (The old, sole towel isn’t enough; it is already soaked with water after using to two dogs, the three have to be air-dried.) Wondering why my sister is (extra) generous to buy these things? She received her first payment from Tax Liens HQ.

discounted purchases from SM Mall sale in the Philippines
Cheap dog supplies, kitchen utensils, and apparel with huge discounts!

So after spending for our family, she splurged for herself. The Bench shirt is a great source of satisfaction for her because it is 50% off the regular price. Several kikay knickknacks have enticed her: Paganini comb (after 2 weeks, I bet would be gone somewhere in the house) and 6 elastics Nouveau Classic Collection, a brand she attest for its durability after a friend gave her one which lasted for some time—until she lost it (a natural trait of my sister that she would not likely lost).

The last destination in our SM Mall sale trip is in Cyberzone (4th and 5th floor of SM Annex). Fortunately, my sister is faithful on her goal: buying what is only needed.  As a result, she was able to buy an LCD filter for our 15.6” LED Philips monitor, a gift from our mom. After purchasing the purpose of our trip and having lunch cum snack, I thought we were homeward bound.

We went to Trinoma Mall, another must-visit shopping mall in the Philippines, to buy cheap dog supplies in True Value. It’s a hardware and pet store in one. Dog lovers will have a great time with the huge selection of affordable, imported supplies for their furry buddies.

Even in Trinoma Mall, we never run out of luck--the launching of BlackBerry smartphones: Curve 3G, Bold 9780, and Torch 9800 was held in the afternoon. Kris Aquino hosted the event that became much interesting and lively as love teams of GMA 7 were present: Joshua Dionisio and Barbie Forteza, Bea Binene and Jhake Vargas, Carla Abellana and Geoff Eigenmann, Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo, and Kris Bernal and Aljur Abrenica. I’m not a “showbiz” type but I realized when your up close with stars that you only see on TV, it’s inevitable not to be starstruck, even just a bit.

So many happenings in a single day that, when we came home we showed our affordable purchases and narrated our celebrity encounter. I think other SM Mall sales are scheduled in the succeeding months, and you can now own a BlackBerry, but if you’re expecting to meet a celebrity, that I’m not sure of, well who knows it could be your lucky day.

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