Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hubpages and Amazon Associates Program: Commission (Earnings) in First Items Sold

I tried hard to stop myself in jumping, shouting. I wanted to express my excitement without holding back, but I can’t—it was past 12 in the morning. My happiness will cause annoyance—a great one—to my roommate, siblings, parents, and pets once I make a sound, a suppress squeal, slip my mouth.

Two months of writing in Hubpages, I finally reaped all the hard work as a hubber and an Amazon associatetwo ordered items were bought through the first hub I’ve written (which at first I doubt, but decide to go with anyway). Maybe my eyes were just playing tricks on me, an illusion after several hours of staring at the LED computer monitor. Staying up late often is probably taking its toll on my vision and my mind—was I dreaming while awake?

Earn on Amazon Associates Program!

But no. I was serious after shaking off my body the sleepiness creeping in; I was startled to see my very first earning in writing a hub in a blog-review format. The referral rate determines the advertising fee (commission) for each item sold. For both I earned $0.93, an amount which further inspired me, more than discouraged.

It’s not even half of the upfront payment for the regular rate in ReviewStream and in some of my writing gigs in the past—but it’s a plus factor and a good way to start because I can continuously earn commission every time I sold from my hubs. More than the monetary reward, I learned to value honesty even more and to have a greater sense credibility—all because of writing based on my experience.

Whoever bought the item from my hub, perhaps somehow, I was able to help that person decide through my opinions and researched information without being forced or pressured—the feeling I’m too familiar and dislike when buying, especially in malls.

I would like to extend gratitude (just don’t mind if I sound like I won Oscar) to fellow hubbers who are generous in sharing their knowledge in writing and choosing an informative, lucrative hub. The basic, and what is now my guiding principle, is to not look far. Start with things found in your house, regardless of its price, size, and frequency of use.

When I hit the sack I’m overwhelmed that I didn’t sleep instantly like I used to. Probably the thirty minutes of disbelief kept me awake before I gave in to sleep, dreaming about the Amazon gift card.  

Moral of the story: never open an account (on which you’re expecting or wishing to earn online) at night before going to bed.

Next time, I’ll do it in the morning on which everyone is awake.

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aynzan said...

Congrats! an achievement indeed..

Caerol said...

Thanks! Looking forward for more. Nonetheless, having fun in writing makes me feel like a winner all ready, and earning from it is very much welcomed.

elf2012 said...

Hi! do you know how to cash out the earnings from amazon associates?

Caerol said...

You cannot cash out your earnnings in Amazon. To determine how much you earn log in to your account

and if you have earned enough (if I'm not mistaken $10) you can use your earnings to buy from Amazon.

If you're wondering if you can transfer it your paypal account that's just not possible for now, as far as I know.

Good luck with your affiliate program and don't forget to focus in writing quality content on which you link your amazon account and included a relevant products as well.

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