Saturday, May 8, 2010

P1 Pilipinas Edition, a Treat for Filipino Voters

A momentous day for Filipinos—May 10, 2010 is a day for registered voters to take part in the 2010 Election. While, I, myself is eager to participate in the much-awaited “first automated election” in the Philippines. (Let’s keep our hopes high in spite of delays and problems, up to this time.)

There is another event everyone must know, though it wouldn’t leave a mark in Philippine History: P1 Pilipinas Edition, a Cherry Mobile phone, is for sale for only 799 pesos at Cherry Mobile Kiosk and participating dealers nationwide.

Hold your horses. Only the registered voters, who exercise their right to vote and able to present their right index finger with indelible ink can avail P1 Pilipinas Edition, with a Philippine map embellishing its back, for a very low price.

There are two “first happenings” about to take place on Monday: automated election and cellphone treat for the summer—all for the benefits of Filipinos.

More Cherry Mobile Phones:

Q7i - QWERTY and TV phone
M30, T85, Q77 - QWERTY and TV phone
M33 - dual SIM and TV phone
D36 - dual SIM
1202i - single SIM with FM radio

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Jasonblink said...

This is one sleek phone and great job with election! Congratulations

Caerol said...

I've seen P1 up close, and the look of it may not be as sleek as the picture, still P1 is affordable.

And about the election, the result is about to conclude this historic event.

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